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. those professionals in the national security agency and elsewhere in the intelligence community are focused on one thing only, keeping americans safe and troops and diplomats abroad safe and keeping our allies safe. we need talent across the board. there's no question these revelations have caused some tensions in our relationships but i think the fundamental fact that the american people need to know is the national security agency is focused on foreign intelligence targets, those individuals and groups out there in the world who have as their primary focus doing harm to the american people, doing harm to our allies and they do a great job every day. >> isn't leadership on that issue then for the president to push off all of these attacks about spying and who we're spying on and whether it's right, if it's so important especially in a post 9/11 world, isn't the strength of leadership saying we spy, you may not like it, that's how it works. we're not going to reveal too much about this. think about it in the next election if you don't like it. the idea reviewing plans the presid
of the morning. the white house is reviewing all u.s. surveillance programs after reports national security agency was spying on some 35 world leaders and the top senator on the senate intelligence committee says he is totally opposed to that surveillance and that data collection will not continue. cnn's chief national correspondent john king is here to talk more about all of this. it's pretty interesting where things have gotten with this spying controversy, john. the white house is saying they're going to review the spying policy of foreign leaders but dianne feinstein, she is not happy. she says she's been kept in the dark and wants a further review that she's going to spreer heea. >> dianne feinstein was a defender of the nsa, saying most of the intelligence gathering was necessary. but she defended most of the practices. now she's not happy. she doesn't think she's getting straight answers from the agency and sometimes the white house. she's promising tougher scrutiny. that's a signal to the administration, significantly in this latest case she put out a statement saying the administra
of attention. cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is in washington. a lot of double negatives we're talking about here. >> no question. it is interesting to hear their defense. they're denying they spy on the servers but not the links of the servers. picture cables under the ocean carrying bits of data. it's all been revealed by an interesting document stolen by snowden. explain in this simple hand sketched drawing, complete with a smiley face, may be a newly disclosed way the nsa is monitoring the internet. "the washington post" citing documents stolen and released by edward snowden reports the intelligence agency tapped into the communications link 1u67 as undersea cables connecting yahoo! and google data centers around the world. >> reporter: as did a written statement from the nsa to cnn saying the assertion that we collect vast quantities of u.s. persons data from this type of collection is not true. but the nsa did not deny it accesses links between the service or communications of foreigners carried on those links. reaction from google and yahoo! was swift and
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3